The Classic Interview

The Classic Interview is a traditional conversational style interview conducted over Zoom.

The Classic is a personal and cathartic experience whereby the interviewee meets with Arielle London over video chat.

Prior to the live interview, Arielle prepares questions for the meet, holds the interview and then creates the narrative that is most authentic to your experience in written form.

The breakdown of the price of The Classic Interview is as follows:




$30—Article & Publication

Total: $120 CAD

The Self-Interview

The Self-Interview is an alternative interview option and still deeply healing experience. If conversations one-on-one really aren’t your thing then maybe The Self-Interview is a better path for you.

The process differs from the classic in that there is no live interview phase or transcription process, just simply a research/question preparation phase and then article writing and publishing process.

If interested in The Self-Interview, Arielle would first prepare the questions, send them to you by email to answer in written form, and then you would send them back once complete and she would then create the article based on your responses.

The breakdown of the price of The Self-Interview is as follows:


$30—Article & Publication

Total: $60 CAD

The Legacy Interview

In death, there are many stories that often go unheard. The Legacy Interview is the posthumous delivery of an individuals’s story.

The Legacy Interview gives a grieving loved one the opportunity to help share a person who has passed’s narrative from their perspective.

To respect the deceased’s legacy it is encouraged that 2 or more individuals be contacted for additional commentary as well.

The breakdown of the price of The Legacy Interview is as follows:


$30—Interview (+ $15 per additional interview)


$30—Article & Publication

Total: $120 CAD +

Please Note:

1. You are welcome to use your own name, a pseudonym, nickname, or anonymous for the interview.

2. There is a zero tolerance policy for abuse or aggressive behavior.

3. Interview acceptance is at the writer’s discretion.

4. Time frame for publication is at the writer’s discretion.

5. Payment accepted by PayPal prior to beginning of Research/Prep phase.

6. No refunds.