Do you feel like you have a story to tell?

Do you want to “set the record straight” about a particular time in your life?

Do you feel the urge to share your story with the world but don’t know where to start?

At spotlighthealing.com, you can see your story come to life in a written narrative form with every article created by professional writer Arielle London. Spotlight Healing is focused on all things healing, including the sharing of your story.

Sharing our stories is a healing process for both ourselves as individuals and as communities.

In the same way that celebrities have access to media outlets, Spotlight Healing is where you can hire Arielle to tell your story for an affordable price. Arielle also periodically conducts Spotlight Healing interviews free of charge.

From the beginning of the interview preparation process, to the actual interview itself, transcription process, and finally the writing and publication phases, Arielle uses a trauma conscious, personable and yet still professional approach.

Healing is the central intention of stepping into this spotlight.

Spotlight Healing is a place where you can feel safe to share your story, all I ask is that you bring your truth.


As a survivor of intimate partner violence, I am careful with whom I share my story. Not everyone is mindful and respectful when it comes to engaging with survivors, and some past interviews have left me feeling exploited. This was not my experience with Arielle. From the moment she approached me about interviewing me, I could tell by her words and intentions that she had my highest good in mind. She did her research in advance, her questions were intelligent and respectful, and she made sure she didn’t misquote me on anything. I felt so comfortable and safe working with Arielle and am grateful that she gave me the opportunity to reach a larger audience with my message of hope and healing.

Jungle Flower

Meeting Arielle felt like meeting a big ball of love and light to me! I was honored to be interviewed by her about my art and PTSD. The aftermath was my favorite part, I made a new friend and I felt my soul heal a little more. I’m so grateful for the opportunity and am inspired to share my story more! Thanks, Arielle!

Kibbi Linga

I loved working with Arielle. Her methods of interviewing were different than what I was use to. She really made me feel comfortable. I felt as if the bond we formed before the interview took place, made it all the easier to open up about myself. She’s kind and I could tell her intentions were well. I knew my article was in the right hands. Thank you so much.

Trappa MadeIt

Let’s share your story together!