Spotlight Healing began as a journey to showcase stories of healing and has transformed into an initiative to directly create change within the individual. Creativity is a very powerful tool and a source for healing in its own right. As an artist, Arielle London has utilized her own creative outlets to facilitate her personal healing journey. Arielle is a writer, singer/rapper/producer, and a painter as well. Between writing, music and art, Arielle London has tapped into just how beautifully creativity can contribute to an individual’s personal growth.

Arielle went from not being able to communicate effectively in 2013 due to trauma to now publicly speaking about her experiences in 2022. While Arielle will continue to share her personal journey, she is now turning the focus on helping other individuals do the same. With the knowledge that expression is a key factor in any emotional or mental health recovery journey, Arielle is now available to the public as a Creative Revolution Consultant, CRC.

As a Creative Revolution Consultant, Arielle will use her knowledge of the arts, mental health and human rights to contribute to your healing process. Arielle is now available for one on one Zoom sessions and in-person appointments (provided that you are in the Montreal area), to consult you on your creative healing journey.

Through the exploration of writing, music or art, Arielle will guide you in setting attainable creative goals and the process of accomplishing them.

Nurture your artistic inclinations while feeding your spirit a creativity revolution. Your being will thank you.

Testimonials on Working with Arielle London

As a survivor of intimate partner violence, I am careful with whom I share my story. Not everyone is mindful and respectful when it comes to engaging with survivors, and some past interviews have left me feeling exploited. This was not my experience with Arielle. From the moment she approached me about interviewing me, I could tell by her words and intentions that she had my highest good in mind. She did her research in advance, her questions were intelligent and respectful, and she made sure she didn’t misquote me on anything. I felt so comfortable and safe working with Arielle and am grateful that she gave me the opportunity to reach a larger audience with my message of hope and healing.

Jungle Flower

Meeting Arielle felt like meeting a big ball of love and light to me! I was honored to be interviewed by her about my art and PTSD. The aftermath was my favorite part, I made a new friend and I felt my soul heal a little more. I’m so grateful for the opportunity and am inspired to share my story more! Thanks, Arielle!

Kibbi Linga

I loved working with Arielle. Her methods of interviewing were different than what I was use to. She really made me feel comfortable. I felt as if the bond we formed before the interview took place, made it all the easier to open up about myself. She’s kind and I could tell her intentions were well. I knew my article was in the right hands. Thank you so much.

Trappa MadeIt

Let’s harness your creativity together!