Healing With A Creative Revolution Consultant

It has been just under one year since Spotlight Healing established itself on the world wide web. It has been just about one year since I took on this initiative of spotlighting healing. And, you want to know what I have learned? Healing is difficult. Healing proactively has its immense challenges but it still has incredible benefits. It is worth it, always, but that doesn’t mean that there are not a lot of dark moments to overcome.

But like 2pac says, “Through every dark nightthere’s a bright day after that.”

Today feels like that bright day, although the pain of the dark night before still lingers.

I have recently taken back my energy. I have spent this past year pushing myself to express myself as both a therapeutic exercise but one of survival as well. Life sends you signs, and it is your sole responsibility to make sense of what the universe is trying to tell you. And so, being the diligent student of life that I am, I am paying attention and taking notes.

I have recently been challenged in so many ways, almost all at the same time. It was the storm that I did not see coming but realized that I was standing in the epicentre of not too long ago. But what do you do in the eye of the storm?

Remain calm.

You deal with it. You get through it. You take on one battle at a time.

Over this past year I have explored different facets of healing. I have literally taken on almost every level that I could think of. I have been direct with talk therapy, I have booked myself for a spa day, volunteered for electoral change in the hopes of societal healing, I have researched self care, I have obtained a certificate to be a better ally, I have created countless songs, paintings and pieces of writing, I have told the stories of others, I have shared my own story in further detail, I have spoken out publicly about my story of healing, and the list goes on.

When I chose the name for this website and initiative, Spotlight Healing, I did so because I wanted to highlight all things related to healing. And, over this past year, I do believe that I have done exactly that. And, over this past year, I have definitely learned from that process. Now it’s time to put what I have learned into action.

Spotlight Healing is taking a new direction. With a new site makeover and a new mantra and raison d’être. Spotlight Healing’s purpose is still to put the spotlight on healing as the name suggests, except I’m getting even more direct about the approach now.

This website is still going to be a space where stories of healing and growth are shared, but it is also going to be a very direct initiative for creating that change within the individual.

It is time to create your revolution.

What do I mean by that?

Creativity has the power to make worlds. And those worlds can be literal lifelines to both creators and observers. Over the course of the past year I have obtained my Human Rights Consultant certificate from the USIDHR and I have also obtained a Be There certificate from The Born This Way Foundation and jack.org. In addition to those certifications, I have hard-earned first person experience of overcoming trauma, and countless hours of expertise in the arts specifically spanning writing, music and painting as outlets. What I have come to realize is that creativity is so powerful that many do not know where to start, or are even partially intimidated by the process of diving right in (I know that I originally was). And so, with all of that in mind, I have decided to step into the new role of being a Creative Revolution Consultant, CRC.

A CRC is an artistic healing guide who is there to help facilitate you along your simultaneous creative exploration and healing journey. Not a substitute for therapy, your Creative Revolution Consultant sessions are an extra support and resource that you can use to tap into your creative flow. Whether your goals are in writing, music, or art, I can assist you in your journey towards fully realizing your right to freedom of expression and how to use it effectively for healing.

I have recovered from sexual assaults, domestic violence, institutional abuse and more using every resource at my fingertips, relying heavily on my creativity to guide the way. I have recovered from being pushed so far out of my mind, and having been so deeply silenced, that to say it was “miraculous” is to take away from the very concrete and real steps that I took in order to recover my stability and right state of mind. I can attribute a lot of that hard work to following my instincts and nurturing my creative outlets with intention, purpose and love.

Healing is a very personal journey, but it doesn’t have to be one that you do completely alone. If you have been contemplating dipping your toe in the creativity pool, feel free to reach out to myself and book a session today!

I am very excited about this new journey and will update you all with more information soon.

Thank you to all of the incredible readers worldwide who have been following this website since it’s launch in September 2021. I am proud of the work that Spotlight Healing has done and look forward to the work that I am about to do!

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