Interviews On Mental Health With Michelle Torez

Last month I released a documentary called #MentalHealth. #MentalHealth was a passion project of mine that I didn’t tell anyone I was working on. It was a large part of my healing but also my advocacy work to illustrate just how real mental health truly is. The documentary’s slogan “More Than A Hashtag” highlights the fact that mental health is so much more than a trending subject but is actually an aspect of your wellness that is so essential to understand for people’s lives.

After the documentary was published, Michelle Torez, a fierce mental health advocate from the UK reached out to me to see if I would sit down and talk to her about my story. I was so happy to hear that the film struck a chord with Michelle and that even one person had felt less alone because of my story. The fact that she could relate told me that I could speak comfortably with her about my story, and her advocacy illustrated to me that the conversation would be fruitful as I knew that she was serious about the cause.

When Michelle and I met on IG Live for Part 1 of our interview, I felt that sense of ease that I had anticipated speaking with her about such a serious subject matter. It was clear that Michelle had really interacted with my work, it resonated with her, and she had genuine questions. And, in the essence of healing, by the time the interview was over, I felt even more evolved on my healing journey. And, I truly hoped that in sharing my story and opening up even more in this format, my story could further help others in their healing.

When Michelle and I met for Part 2 the other day, we got even deeper into the conversation on institutional abuse and the mental health system. We talked about everything from mental health education in schools, to hospital experiences, to hip hop and how it helped in our recoveries, writing and more. The conversation was once again a pleasure to have with Michelle guiding the way, insightful, cathartic and so very healing.

So, check out the interviews when you get the chance! If you want to know more about me, my story, what happens in a psychiatric facility (and on the road to getting there) and also bits and pieces about my road to recovery, then definitely watch.

I am candid about my experiences because the silence surrounding the psych ward experience worldwide is deafening. Thank you Michelle for leading such an insightful discourse on the mental health system, I am glad we have connected and look forward to future collaborations.

Watch Part 1 and Part 2 of our interview on Michelle’s YouTube channel today.

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