#MentalHealth: A Documentary

I am passionate about healing. I always have been. Ever since I was a child I have wanted to heal others. The original way I thought that you had to heal others was through physical means, and so when I was younger I pursued a path towards medical school. But I didn’t even end up applying for med school in the end, because prior to ever having been hospitalized myself, I recognized the deeply problematic methodologies behind healthcare.

When I realized that more social issues were affecting physical ailments and that social solutions had the power to help more people, my decision was clear. Luckily for me, pursuing the arts became a passion of mine as well. And so I threw myself into my studies, and upon graduating from academia I then threw myself into the arts.

While I didn’t anticipate that I would ever create a documentary on my life focused on the recovery of my mind, when I looked back at the footage I have been recording over the last few years, I realized that that is in fact one of my most significant narratives, particularly at this time.

Now, while circumstances do not necessarily define you, some traumas are just too large to ever ignore because they cross the line. I have had to fight relentlessly for my own healing, but it has been well worth the fight and always will be.

While this documentary was not easy to make (by any stretch of the imagination), just the fact that I expressed many of these sentiments and stories out loud to the world is healing in motion. There is much left of my story to be told, which is why I do so in so many different mediums… But I am happy that I have finally shared this audiovisual representation that gives a glimpse into what the past decade of my life has been like.

Spotlight Healing is about putting the emphasis on our journeys of self-care and self-love, and having the courage to set the record straight… Well, #MentalHealth: A Documentary definitely fulfills the criteria of belonging on this website, because by description this documentary is exactly that.

One of the most important things that I have learned about healing is that taking care of your mental health is only one component… There are so many other areas that you have to take care of simultaneously in order for the whole machine, otherwise known as the human body, to operate at optimal functionality. But know this, when you place your mental health first… Many of the other areas of your life are bound to fall into place.

I have healed an immense amount in the time period that this documentary follows, and I am proud to share with you this snippet of my growth over 10 years time.

Watch #MentalHealth: A Documentary today and please feel free to share this film with anyone you believe this can help.

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