We Need Healing, Not War

My International Women’s Day message is clear this year: we need healing, not war.

Misogynistic overtones have taken over our screens and yet we all just go to work as per usual. Except, I couldn’t. I couldn’t go to work as per usual as the tanks were rolling into Ukraine. I quit my new job as Putin was invading a neighboring sovereign nation. War is war. All is not fair in love and war. War time is different. Lives are stolen, societies are obliterated, ancestries are destroyed, generational trauma is instilled, hatred is fuelled, division is ablaze, and history is altered.

But hey, let’s go to work.

Yes, life is supposed to continue, but not if life isn’t making sense. When war is introduced into the equation your life comes into crystal clear perspective.

I made major changes within the span of a week:

I quit my job and I cut out a main relationship with a male in my life that was toxic.

And, since having made those changes I have noticed major shifts for the better in my life.

Healing is a full-time job, and like all full-time jobs, it requires balance and rest. Meanwhile 2022 is built like Black Friday or Christmas season in retail (i.e. not even a moment’s rest), so our healing must be a priority.

And I mean that from every angle.

Are we focusing on healing this war enough?

I don’t know.

Am I focusing on healing myself enough?


But when it comes to the invasion of Ukraine and the war that Russia decided to wage, we need for the spotlight to be on healing. We need for the worldwide community to heal these divisions that are being drawn.

As a woman, healing in 2022 is overwhelming at times. The recognition that I have made major strides in my healing overall is beautiful, but 2022 is not exactly the ideal environment for safe landings.

But as life has taught me, expect the unexpected. Always. I’m half prepared for 2pac to return or for extraterrestrials to show up. And the funny thing is, you know what most people would do?

Probably take a selfie.

On a serious note, in an effort to heal the painful times we find ourselves in, let us think about the possible solutions. Or, voice our questions.

I started a website a while back called PostAnswer where people can submit their questions and answers to the world’s most pressing issues. I invite you to send in your submissions to questions you want answered or answers addressing solutions to global issues here.

As we communally grieve an old way of life, one thing that I have learned in my mental health and healing journeys is that acknowledging what truly is reality is both the best and quickest way towards healing. Now, that doesn’t mean that there is not a lot of pain involved in acknowledging reality, but trust me when I tell you that there there is more in experiencing prolonged ignorance.

We need healing, not war.


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