Post-Traumatic Growth v. PTSD

Post-traumatic growth stands in stark contrast to PTSD. One is essentially the identified issue, the other the consequent solution. One involves a focus on the problematic aspects of your mental state post-trauma, and other clearly focuses on the strides a person makes after the trauma.

I delivered a speech in November 2021 at a Reclaim Your Voice event on Post-Traumatic Growth. The entire process of preparing the speech, to delivering it and then processing the event afterwards was an incredibly powerful and cathartic journey. I would encourage any abuse survivor and or survivor of sexual violence to attend Reclaim Your Voice events as they are an incredible resource for tools for healing. Whether through story, art, public speaking, spoken word, poetry, writing (and the list goes on), RYV utilizes so many modalities to promote healing and wellness.

Shoutout to Jungle Flower for giving me the opportunity to share my story with the RYV community! Giving this talk was essential for my post-traumatic growth and was so powerful for my inner being.

In the week following the event, I recorded myself delivering the speech with the intention of releasing it in December of 2021. However, I wasn’t ready. Now, I am.

To hear my personal story of post-traumatic growth watch below.

Please feel free to share with someone that you think this speech may help.

– Arielle London

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