Years Later: A Conversation With Charles Hamilton

I am officially entering the Charles Hamilton chat.

After doing research on Charles before our lengthy interview, I discovered that even in 2022, when a celebrity like Doja Cat is calling him out for supposedly not being somebody, people love to talk about Charles Hamilton. Why? Well, I have a few theories, but I’ll leave those for possibly another day.

I am a member of the mental health community. I have made that abundantly clear, despite the fact that I was falsely accused of being suicidal, and that is how I was forced into the psychiatric system.

Once in the system, irrespective of what brought you there, you enter the prison industrial complex, and from that point forward, you are fighting your way out of of it until you are free, and then you are working to protect your freedom for the rest of your life.

Charles Hamilton is a musician. And we hold musicians, particularly those who have achieved a certain level of fame, to a certain standard of behavior that is not even typical of a stereotypical musician’s demeanor. While all artists are different, there are often parallel lines that one can draw between us. When you’re at Charles’ level of intensity and focus on the craft, many, many things can go awry. And, there is not even close to adequate mental health support available to you when it does.

I have not spoken with Charles in years up until very recently. The last time I spoke with Charles (which is an experience some people previously close to him may be able to relate to), I felt uneasy about the interaction and decided that would be the last time I spoke with him until I felt a shift. Before that, it had been years since we had spoken as well.

Except this summer I came across the alarming information that he was incarcerated and my human rights and mental health advocate side launched into action. I connected with someone in Charles’ inner circle and they informed me that Charles was in fact in prison. I was in the process of launching Spotlight Healing and offered him an interview to “set the record straight” on the situation since that is the intention of this website. This website is all about the healing process, but also about sharing your personal story. If you are a regular reader of this site, you know that I have shared my friend’s brother Abee’s story about losing his battle with suicide, I regularly share pieces of my own journey, and I have some deep stories from others to share in the very near future.

Well, it is now January 2022, and after years of no communication, Charles and I connected for a Spotlight Healing interview. The interview is 1 hour and 24 minutes long, and was intended to give Charles the opportunity to speak on his healing journey. Charles has a platform, and people are definitely paying attention. People in the game know that he is talented, but the politics of the industry keep an artist like Charles at bay. It is incredible that in the entertainment industry, if you really wanted to, you can dig up “dirt” on anyone (or throw mud at anyone), even with lies, but reality will always prevail.

It was genuinely very good to see Charles, we used to collaborate before things got complicated (he produced multiple tracks of mine), but there is a somber reality to reconnecting with Charles.

When we got on the interview, Charles mentioned that the distance between he and I over these past years has been a “healthy distance.” And, I couldn’t agree more. I am happy to see that Charles is on the road to recovery, taking accountability for things as he gains clarity in his life and finds the balance and stability that he needs to get to a place of peace.

I want to let the interview speak for itself, and specifically for Charles to speak for himself through the video, but I would like to offer this piece of information that I learned during the interview that I cannot get out of my mind since.

Charles recalls having suicidal ideations since grade 5 or 6. That’s roughly since the age of 10-12 years old. When Charles revealed that during the interview, my children’s rights alarm bells went off. The reality of his words were that when he was a child, he struggled with thoughts of no longer wanting to be alive, and that broke my heart into so many pieces.

I have a line in an older song of mine called Chess Moves where I say, “that shit was triggered by trauma they ignore that every time.”

When I think of Charles, a lot of things come to mind, but the main one will always be music, because I am not going to strip him of his humanity, clear talents, or right to share his story, especially when everyone else is speaking on it without even contacting the source.

Check out the interview for yourself, and get a sense of where Charles is at. Healing is a process.

To check out everything Charles Hamilton related go to

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