New Moon, New Intention

(Breathes in and out.)

(Breathes in and out.)

Namaste y’all. That’s my vibe this Friday AM at 6 AM (the time I actually started this post).

Last night I had the opportunity to do something so lit my week needed for it to happen like it was written in the stars.

Now, I’m not an astrology buff, but that doesn’t mean that by 12 years old I wasn’t. (Really, I had the candle collection to match.) But, these days I go with energy and a vast intense respect for the universe and intuition I am in tune with to understand the goings on around me.

If you follow me on social media you will know that I had a rough moment this week. I don’t always decide to share that much vulnerability actually, but this week I did. I’m one of those people who very few people actually really know. I’ve been too intensely hurt too many times and seen loyalty trampled all over to trust easily.

I show up as I am, but I keep as much as I can to myself.

In any event, I have been going through some major changes lately. Not only in my day to day schedule, but also personal life and let’s call it “etcetera.” I have blessings to be thankful for, and one of those are to be grateful for all of the work I have put in to even be where I currently am, positioned for hopefully where I would like to be.

But don’t get it twisted y’all, I’m not waiting for no magical time in the future to be happy. I choose happiness as often as possible on the daily.

So, when I logged on Instagram last night and my feed said that Jungle Flower was having a New Moon Intention Setting Gathering I jumped at the opportunity to go! Part of the feeling of shuffling decks in life is waiting for the cards to eventually settle. People who are constantly on the go or in transition are in a constant state of flux but those with more stability (perhaps through routine or at least in managing their own energy), can feel more grounded. I was seeking bringing that sort of energy into my life, and this IG post was an open invitation.

I attended the New Moon Intention Setting Gathering which was, as always with spaces Jungle Flower creates, moving. Perhaps the most impressive thing about the whole evening upon reflecting on it now is Jungle Flower’s ability to create different spaces. Prior to yesterday evening, I had not yet attended a New Moon event, but I had seen mention of them before on social media. After attending last night, I can tell you that this event is not one to be missed.

It was like yoga for the heart, soul and mind.

To start, the registration information said to get set up comfortably with candles and whatever you would like to set the mood. So, I did exactly that. Candles on the couch, lights off, with just the laptop on.

The mood was serene but so was the subject matter. Nothing really heavy about this event except what arises during emotional processing while participating. You can expect to possibly reach for the tissues once or twice (at least) during a Jungle Flower event because the subject matters are not trivial, they’re real. And real exercises will lead you to some real answers, some you may not necessarily be ready for.

But that’s clarity, and clarity reigns.

I attended the event in the hopes of achieving some form of clarity. The purpose of the event (written into the title) is literally to set new intentions for the new cycle, and I needed that moment of pause for reflection.

During the gathering, Jungle Flower encouraged us to write down a list of intentions of things to manifest for ourselves, but also the world. It’s funny, because even before she said to include the world as well, the very first thing I was wishing for was something I really want to do that I pray will have a positive benefit on the world. But I’ll keep that one to myself for now, because well, these items on this list are very, very private. So private that some people may be currently burning theirs as we speak. I could tell from the comments in the chat of the 30+ attendees that a lot of people present yesterday evening needed the gathering just as much as I did, and I am sure that just like me, they are benefiting from Jungle Flower’s healing event.

But I will share you with you what I shared with the group. Periodically, Jungle Flower will check in with those at the gathering to see what our reflections are as we go. After this paricular exercise, she asked everyone what they had wished to manifest for the world and I said that I had come up with an intention for myself, and I had that same intention for every person on the planet: A free mind, body, spirit, soul and heart.

After we listed our intentions, Jungle Flower guided us to an amazing process of visualizing those intentions in the now, as if we are presently experiencing them. She also encouraged us to draw if we wanted to.

So I did both.

I was in awe of the results. Which, if you think about how many Jungle Flower events I have been to over the years, is kind of hilarious. But I wasn’t expecting to come out of this with actual clarity and direction.

This morning I woke up different. I went about my morning routine differently from the start. I walked into work different (it helped that I saw a local celebrity I’ve loved since childhood on the way), and I feel more connected to myself.

When it comes to healing and human beings on the planet who have made such an impact in the lives of others (as well as are guaranteed to continue to do the same in the future), Jungle Flower is consistent. My favorite part about her healer journey is the personal healing she experiences and chooses to share. But, the new moon event was a guided self-reflection that focused on helping participants wakeup with a spring in their step.

And boy this morning, I woke up sprung!

I started this piece before 6 AM and I am finishing it now, immediately after I got home from work, approximately 7 hours later. This is the first thing I wanted to do with my weekend because I didn’t want to forget how it felt to turn my home into a meditative oasis and be guided through an hour of nothing else but setting an intention for the cycle that is to come.

The shirt says it all. Jungle Flower is one warrior who only fucks with legends, because she is one!

Thank you!

Sending love and light to all, but especially back to Jungle Flower for all that she does!

– Arielle London

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